10 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

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10 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is one of the most invigorating and fulfilling pursuits of the human experience—until you get sick… and then it's no fun at all! A week or two of getting away from responsibilities can turn into a nightmare if you don't treat yourself right. But don't fret—there are plenty of things you can do to stay healthy and sprightly from day one back to the arrivals gate at home. Check them out and have a great time on your adventure!

1. Get As Much Sleep As You Can

The benefits of slumbering cannot be overstated, particularly when you travel and your body and mind are especially prone to stress. Rushing around to see every monument and museum, carrying heavy luggage to and fro, jet lag—all of these things tire you out (and the negative health effects of stress, from breakouts to lowered immunity, have been well documented. Take our lavender-infused Quiet Night Relaxing Balm with you to whisk yourself away to Dreamland as quickly as possible wherever you are. And, as tempting as it may be to stay out all night every night, give your body a break and hit snooze!

2. Eat A Wholesome Breakfast

You're going to be on your feet or on the road for a long time, so make sure you've had a hearty breakfast to give you the fuel you need. Just make sure you don’t cause a blood sugar spike by eating a donut or bagel, as tempting as they may look at your hotel’s free continental breakfast buffet. Load up on fresh veggies and protein, like an egg white omelet with a side of fruit. Trust us—you’ll feel great all day when you start this way.

3. Stretch.

women stretching

Seems like such a small thing, but starting the day with a quick five-minute stretching routine can make all the difference. You’ll loosen the stiff muscles and calm the sore ones, which you’ll likely need after all the sightseeing.  

Stretching in the morning can also give your brain a little pick-me-up to get ready for the day ahead. A recent study even found that stretching can help your balance and make you less likely to trip and fall (which will certainly come in handy if you're doing a lot of walking during your travels). 

4. Stay Hydrated.

Being dehydrated can actually lead you to feel weak and make you easily tired. Other signs of dehydration include dizziness and headache, which will definitely make you feel less than healthy. And when you're traveling, you run the risk of dehydration simply because you're often too busy to even notice that you're not taking in enough fluids. Carry a water bottle or two with you while you're on the go to make sure you always have some sort of libation nearby. 

5. Take It Easy.

If you're in a brand new city, you're naturally going to want to see as much of it as humanly possible. But running yourself ragged will do a number on your immune system, and you're more likely to become sick or catch a cold as a result. So learn to pace yourself. Set up no more than two or three major things to do in one day and take some breaks in between (like hitting up a cafe after a big museum visit to unwind a little). 

6. Breathe In, Breathe Out.

It's remarkable how much a good breathing exercise can enliven you. The best part of it is that you can do a breathing exercise pretty much anywhere -- as you're walking while waiting for the metro while driving, etc. Concentrate on your breathing and really notice every inhale and exhale instead of taking quick, shallow breaths like you're accustomed to doing. You can also breathe in deeply, hold it, and exhale slowly about ten times in a row for a pretty quick and easy exercise that will lower your stress levels and improve your energy. 

7. Cool, It On The Alcohol.

Too much alcohol will dehydrate you and most likely give you a headache or queasy stomach. Alcohol can also give you insomnia. A glass or two of wine with dinner is likely to be perfectly fine (and why wouldn't you wanna live it up a little on your trip?), but try not to go overboard. A hangover is not a good way to spend an entire day during a vacation! 

8. Add Vegetables to Everything.

add vegetables to everything

Exploring local cuisines is one of the most exciting parts of a sojourn to a new land, but it can be easy to overdo the unhealthy nutrients. Instead of stressing out about what you’re consuming, simply add more vegetables and healthy proteins to all your meals to fill yourself up with plenty of fiber and fullness. Eating well-balanced meals will keep your body energized and ready to take on the day. 

9. Keep Your Hands Clean.

While traveling, you're likely to touch a lot of dirty surfaces like handrails. This, as we all know, is one of the sure ways to catch something. Wash your hands frequently or at least use wet napkins or hand sanitizers to keep the germs at bay. 

10. Don't Skimp On Exercise.

Traveling often feels like a break from the day to day, but there's one area you shouldn't neglect: exercise! If you're visiting a city, exercising can be easy as there will be plenty of gyms around, or, alternatively, you can simply walk everywhere.