Limited-Edition Celebration Bamboo Scrub

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Limited-Edition Celebration Bamboo Scrub
Twenty years ago, our founder Emilie Hoyt established LATHER as a safe, earth-loving, health-centered solution to her chronic migrainesTo honor two decades of clean, green, eco-conscious beauty, we are thrilled to announce the launch of a limited-edition body scrub that supports our infinite commitment to wellness: the 20th Anniversary Celebration Bamboo Scrub! 

Dedicated to our loyal fans who have long recognized the importance of natural beauty before it became mainstreamthe 20th Anniversary Celebration Bamboo Scrub is a special Ayurvedic twist to our most beloved signature product, the Bamboo Foaming Body ScrubAnd because giving is in our nature, this special scrub gives in two ways: giving you beautiful skin and giving back to communities. 

GIVING You Beautiful Skin

This extraordinary shower savior combines powdered bamboo with coconut and walnut shell powders to gently slough off dulling dead skin cells, while sulfate-free cleansers produce a creamy lather to lift away dirt and impurities to reveal the smooth, luminous and healthy skin underneath.   

 Celebration Bamboo Scrub in use


When Emilie established LATHER, it was initially driven by her desire to find an answer to the chronic migraines she’d experienced, which turned out to be triggered by synthetic fragrances. Like all other LATHER products, this celebration scrub is 100% scented with natural aromas, including the precious essential oils of cardamom, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon leaf plus sweet notes of vanilla.  

This tantalizing blend is also boosted with traditional natural Indian ingredients, including Turmeric, Neem, and Indian Gooseberry. Turmeric, a source of the powerful antioxidant curcumin, soothes and protects dry, stressed skinIndian gooseberry(also called amla)another antioxidant, is rich in Vitamin C and known for its skin-calming benefits; and Neem leaf extract offers to purify cleansing properties. 

The 20th Anniversary Scrub is vegan, free of microbeads, parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, artificial color, mineral oil and ingredients that naturally contain gluten.

Celebration Bamboo Scrub

GIVING Back to Communities

It wouldn’t be a LATHER celebration without a way to give back! The 20th Anniversary Celebration Bamboo Scrub helps various communities through two amazing nonprofit organizations, Sundara and Roots Studio. 

Sundara Fund

If you purchase an Anniversary Scrub, $1
 will be donated to our partner Sundaraa nonprofit organization that recycles old hotel soap into new bars, giving them a second life. Sundara hires local women in India to do this work, lifting them from poverty with fair-wage livelihoods. 

Do you see the gorgeous pattern on the packaging? The design was provided by an artist from the Warli tribe in India, sourced through Roots Studio, which collaborates with indigenous artists across rural India to help sustain livelihoods supported by craft skills that have been passed down from generation to generation 


Limited-edition Celebration Bamboo Scrub


Our limited-edition design was created by a highly skilled artist, Janu, from the Warli tribe in Maharashtra, India—a tribe that’s been around for thousands of years (though fewer than 50 Warli remains). Janu’s stunning design represents the perfect balance of the sun and moonIn Warli tradition, the sun, moon, and stars signify and emphasize the thought of always being true to yourself and your duty. These three celestial elements always show up no matter what, so life can ensue: the sowing and reaping of crops, sleep and wake our daily rhythms. We are grateful to have Janu’s amazing depiction of philosophy so dear to the Warli as we celebrate our 20th anniversary. 

Here’s to 20 more years—and more—of giving beautiful skin and giving back!