Your Summer Skin Savior: Introducing our NEW After Sun Body Serum

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Your Summer Skin Savior: Introducing our NEW After Sun Body Serum

Have your fun in the sun

Here at LATHER, we understand that summer means lounging by the pool, walks in the park, and having fun with your friends outdoors. We want to enjoy the best that summer has to offer without worrying about skin dehydration and sensitivity.

To protect your skin and avoid any sun damage, we always recommend using a high SPF, broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen on a daily basis. Apply your sunscreen every two hours or more often if sweating or swimming.

Although we try to be as sun-safe as possible, sunburns can happen quickly and often aren’t noticed until much later. This problem left us with the question: How can we naturally soothe the discomfort and dryness that many people experience after a day in the sun?

With our love for nature and commitment to never using synthetic fragrance, we formulated a powerfully calming, light-weight serum infused with a hint of soothing lavender essential oil. Meet our new After Sun Body Serum.

Ultimate skin soother

Whether you’ve spent too much time in the sun or your skin is just feeling a little parched, this unique body serum will help calm stressed skin and reduce the appearance of redness while adding gentle hydration back into your skin. Discover the ultimate soothing blend of our natural ingredients:

  • Aloe vera juice delivers skin-soothing properties and quenches thirsty skin.
  • Organic virgin coconut oil locks in moisture by creating a protective barrier.
  • Organic hemp seed oil provides strengthening support with omega fatty acids.
  • Hyaluronic acid promotes plump, hydrated, and smooth-looking skin.
  • Glycine helps skin recover from stress and encourages the skin to retain moisture.

Three steps to happy skin

Want to get your best skin ever this summer? Follow our easy three steps to keep your skin feeling healthy and looking radiant.

  1. Cleanse with the Coconut Crème Body Wash. This rich and gentle cleanser removes sunscreen, oil, dirt, and other impurities while supporting your moisture barrier.
  2. Generously apply the After Sun Body Serum to freshly cleansed skin. Tip: apply this serum while your skin is still lightly damp. Natural hyaluronic acid will infuse that moisture into your skin for extra hydration.
  3. Gently massage the Sofian Lavender Whipped Body Crème into the skin for added richness and to lock in moisture. This luxurious body crème softens skin with shea butter and coconut oil.