Hello from Founder Emilie Hoyt | LATHER

At LATHER, we know all about wellness. It’s in our roots. In fact, it was a desire for good health that inspired me (as a migraine sufferer since childhood) to explore natural products and to use my experience to help others. I knew that synthetic perfumes and artificial ingredients in skin and hair care products were partially to blame for my headaches; this transformed my interest in ingredients and aromatherapy into a deeply personal journey and a lifelong commitment to create the best natural skin care products, period.

Now, almost two decades later, I’m incredibly proud that LATHER has become synonymous with wellness and holistic, natural skin and hair care solutions, and that our expertise is sought by people from around the world. I’m just as dedicated now, as I was then, in discovering and sharing unique healing ingredients and essential oils that are good for the mind and body.

I love hearing from our customers so I hope you’ll share your LATHER experience with us on one of our social media channels.