Growing up, our founder and CEO, Emilie Hoyt, suffered from severe migraines.

Debilitating and bewildering, these headaches often triggered temporary losses of sight and the ability to speak. While she consulted with many specialists, doctors were ultimately unable to determine the cause of these headaches.

This prompted Emilie to take her health into her own hands. On a hunch that her skincare was to blame, she began exploring the world, gathering natural ingredients to make her own products.

After a lot of testing, she discovered the trigger for her headaches was synthetic fragrance – toxic, petroleum-based chemicals that are used in 95% of beauty products. Emilie went on to learn that the booming fragrance industry was entirely self-regulated, a fact that holds true today.

Shocked by this discovery, Emilie committed herself to giving people a more natural alternative to skincare and wellness. In 1999, well ahead of the clean beauty moment, Emilie successfully launched her own brand – LATHER.

Beginning first with natural olive oil-based soaps, LATHER quickly gained a cult following. The company soon grew from a two-person operation into a beloved business, offering an array of thoughtfully formulated, non-toxic products for the body, face, hair and home.

Twenty-one years later, LATHER operates stores in Pasadena, Atlanta, Fairfax, Long Beach, Phoenix and San Ramon. LATHER products can also be found in hundreds of boutiques, hotel properties, spas and resorts worldwide, and of course, on!

A long-time supporter of the National Headache Foundation for migraine awareness and education, Emilie is a recipient of the organization’s Patient Partners and Golden Trumpet Awards. A member of the Young Presidents Organization and a leader in the industry, Emilie has spoken on panels for Expo West, Global Wellness Day, Pasadena Magazine Women’s Summit and more.

“As caretakers for our community, LATHER strives to shine a light on the synthetic fragrance industry, remain 100% transparent with our ingredients, and offer customers safe and natural products to help them feel real in their own skin.” -Emilie Davidson Hoyt, Founder and CEO of LATHER

"Scent is tied more closely to memory than any of our other senses..."

It has an incredible power to affect our moods and well-being. I look for essential oils and plant-based ingredients not only because of the effective properties that they provide the skin and hair, but for the aromatherapeutic benefits they provide to people, as well.​