Store Reopening Updates

We are committed to implementing the highest of hygiene standards and are taking the necessary steps to help promote the safety and wellness of our staff and communities. We are taking preventative measures to keep our stores clean and maintain a healthy environment for our employees and clients. We are doing this by taking the following measures.

  1. Opening stores slowly with No Contact Curbside Pick Up only to start
  2. Conducting symptom checks before employees may enter the workspace, including a temperature-check
  3. Providing a face mask to all employees who have contact with the public or other employees during their shift – required to be worn at all times during the workday, particularly when contact with others is likely
  4. Providing gloves to all employees, using gloves to handle products and sanitizing products regularly.
  5. Making hand sanitizer readily available to all team members in store
  6. Encouraging team members to take frequent breaks to wash their hands
  7. Assigning each worker their own tools, equipment and defined workspace
  8. Maintaining social distance
  9. Cleaning the workspace and entire facility frequently, including frequently touched objects in the customer pick up and payment processes
    For any further questions, please email or call your local store.