A Gentle Hero for Your Hands

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A Gentle Hero for Your Hands

How it all started 

Since its start in 1999, LATHER has made clean, hydrated hands a tenet of our brand. As a company that launched with just one line of natural and moisturizing olive oil soaps, our heritage has hand health woven deeply into it.  

When COVID-19 hitso too did the need to have clean hands on the go. This presented both inspiration and a dilemma. How could we create a hand sanitizer that exceeds the CDC’s recommended 60% ethanol alcohol minimum to fight germs and simultaneously combats the signature drying effects of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 

With strong and trustworthy relationships with our suppliers and over two decades of experience with natural, plant-based ingredients, we knew we had to find a way to offer moisturizing hand sanitizing option that would keep our community safe and healthy. And we would have to do this following our signature natural approach.  

And so we did.  

LATHER Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Aloe

It’s what’s inside that counts  

Featured as one of Well+Good's top 6 picks, our Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Aloe is as gentle and safe on your hands as it is powerful against bacteria. We formulated our antibacterial gel with ultimate safety and comfort in mind.  

First, to prevent this essential product from smelling too strongly of alcohol, we committed to using premium, safe ingredients. We included only highest-grade alcohol and put our formula through a special filtration process to eliminate any potential harmful impurities.  

PSA: There are several unsafe hand sanitizer products on the market, including some that use methanol – a toxic form of alcohol. For your safety, please read labels before purchasing products that claim to sanitize hands!   

Then, to fight off the drying effects that are so iconic to alcohol, we added in some aloe vera – moisturizingsoothing and skin-softening. To help maintain that healthy hydration from aloe, we also included glycerin. Together, this dynamic duo strengthens the other’s purpose, working together to protect the skin barrier from breaking down.  

Citrus essential oils bring a natural, crisp and refreshing aroma to the hands and senses. And that stickiness that too often piggybacks onto gels? That fades just moments after application. Unlike most hand sanitizers, one pump of our cooling sanitizer leaves hands soft and touchable. 

LATHER Hand Sanitizer wit Moisturizing Aloe 2 oz Travel Pocket Size

Here’s what our customers are saying about it:  

  • “This hand sanitizer lives up to the LATHER quality. Doesn't dry out the hands. I LOVE it. Nothing better on the market.” -Jim J.  
  • “Has the right amount of alcohol to be effective for our current disinfection needs. Love the fragrance and feel.” -Claudia C. 
  • This hand sanitizer is just great! It has a fresh, clean fragrance. The best part is that it does not dry your hands like store-bought products.” -Jeanette M. 

It wasn’t an easy road...  

Though a customer favorite that has now sold out twice, this citrus-infused dreamy hand gel did not come without its share of challenges. We experienced a huge surge in the cost of not only alcohol, but also packaging and materials, especially with our hand sanitizing wipes (launching soon!). However, we continue to lean into our caretaking ways, and are more committed than ever to providing our community with essential products in the safesthealthiest, most affordable waypossible 

LATHER Conscious Care Kit - Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Aloe, Hand Cream and Jaanuu Face Mask

We like options!  

That’s why we offer our moisturizing hand sanitizer in a variety of sizes. Cover your bases at home, in the car or at the office with 10 oz. bottles, sold individually and in bundles. Take your hygiene with you as you move around outside your home with 2 oz. bottles, available in convenient packs of three. Or for those quick grab-and-go moments, we offer the Conscious Care Kit – complete with a 2 oz. hand sanitizer, a travel-size Hand Therapy cream and a protective, breathable, washable and reusable Jaanuu mask.  

Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Aloe, bringing the health of the earth to the comfort of your hands.