Celebrating 24 Years of Natural Beauty and Wellness: LATHER's Journey

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Celebrating 24 Years of Natural Beauty and Wellness: LATHER's Journey

At LATHER, we believe in the power of natural ingredients to transform not just your skin but your overall well-being. As we celebrate our 24th anniversary, we reflect on the remarkable journey that began with a vision to prioritize health and wellness through natural skincare.

Emilie's Vision: A Pioneering Journey

"It was a desire for good health that inspired me to explore natural ingredients to help others," says Emilie, the visionary behind LATHER. Decades before the "clean beauty" movement gained traction, Emilie was already captivated by nature's potential. The journey began in Emilie's childhood, marred by debilitating migraines that traditional remedies failed to alleviate. She realized that her personal care products might contribute to her health challenges.

In a quest for transparency and purity, Emilie did extensive research and uncovered a disturbing truth - the prevalence of synthetic fragrances, often laden with toxic chemicals, in beauty products. This revelation became her life's mission: to provide safe, natural alternatives that empower individuals to feel their best in their own skin. And so, LATHER was born in 1999, initially offering naturally fragranced olive oil soaps.

Evolving with Purpose: A Complete Wellness Collection

Fast forward 24 years, and LATHER has blossomed into a treasured brand offering a comprehensive range of hair, face, body, and wellness products. Our journey wasn't just about creating outstanding products but about challenging the norms. We questioned why ingredient transparency wasn't mandated, unhealthy elements could be concealed, and natural beauty was often marketed to a limited demographic.

We are explorers constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance your product experience. Our commitment to transparency drives us to disclose every ingredient and its purpose. We believe in truth-telling, offering products at fair prices, and ensuring you only get what your skin truly needs.

Celebrating 24 Years of Being Your Caring Companion

At LATHER, we are caretakers of your well-being. We aspire to make a positive difference in your life by offering products that bring out the most beautiful, happy, and healthy version of yourself.

Our journey wouldn't be possible without the relationships we've built over the years - with our employees, vendors, and communities. These connections are the heart of our brand, nurtured since our inception.

As we celebrate our 24th anniversary, we invite you to join us in cherishing the journey that brought us here. Your trust and support have been our constant companions, and we are excited for what the future holds.

Here's to another year of real skincare, true wellness, and the joy of making you feel beautiful in your skin.