Guide to Face Serums: Unveil Your Skin's Radiance with LATHER

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Guide to Face Serums: Unveil Your Skin's Radiance with LATHER

Serums have become a staple in modern skincare routines, offering concentrated doses of ingredients to target specific concerns. If you're navigating the world of face serums, LATHER's collection provides potent solutions for various skin needs, crafted with premium ingredients and a commitment to clean beauty.


Choosing the Right Serum for You:

Our face serums cater to various skin concerns. Consider your primary concern – hydration, wrinkles, uneven tone, or breakouts – to select the most suitable product. If you have multiple concerns, layering serums can be an effective approach, but consult a dermatologist for personalized guidance.

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Hydration Hero: Mega Moisture Magnet

Mega Moisture Magnet delivers intense, long-lasting hydration for thirsty skin. It combines two powerful humectants: hyaluronic acid to plump and smooth, and vitamin B5 to attract and bind moisture. Plant-derived squalane and a blend of ceramides work together to mimic the skin's natural sebum and strengthen the barrier, locking in moisture for lasting softness and suppleness. Best of all, this serum is suitable for all skin types, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized.

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Wrinkle Warrior Revealed: Wrinkle Remedy Serum

Time may tell, but wrinkles don't have to dictate your appearance. The Wrinkle Remedy Serum harnesses the power of phytonutrients and antioxidants to combat the visible signs of aging. Infused with antioxidant-rich Gamay grapes and long-living Swiss apple stem cells, this powerful formula combats wrinkles, shields skin from environmental damage, and boosts its natural renewal process. Our eco-friendly technology sustainably utilizes these precious ingredients, avoiding harm to nature. We love how it's crafted with the award-winning Swiss apple stem cell, unlocking a revolutionary approach to combatting the signs of aging. Case in point? This serum is ideal for mature skin seeking a smoother, more refreshed look.

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Brightening Powerhouse: Vitamin C Peptide Renewal

Embrace a radiant complexion with the Vitamin C Peptide Renewal. This potent formula blends the antioxidant benefits of stabilized vitamin C with firming peptides, targeting key signs of aging for a revitalized appearance. Stabilized vitamin C effectively reveals a brighter, more luminous look. Meanwhile, advanced peptides provide rich, protective care - leaving your skin feeling hydrated and looking more radiant than ever. This serum is suitable for all skin types, and it will leave your skin looking and feeling brighter!

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Skin-Clearing Savior: Advanced Blemish Control Serum

Breakouts and blemishes can be frustrating. Clear the way to a fresh, balanced complexion with Advanced Blemish Control Serum, a powerful spot treatment and all-over serum. Harnessing the power of salicylic and lactic acids, it gently micro-exfoliates to dissolve pore-clogging debris, leaving skin feeling clear and smooth. Tea tree oil targets impurities, while peppermint and geranium oils work to balance sebum production. Finally, aloe vera soothes and reduces the appearance of redness for a calm, refreshed finish. This formula is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin, leaving you with a healthy, shine-free glow.

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How to Apply Serums:
  1. Cleanse your face thoroughly. Remove makeup and impurities with a gentle cleanser suitable for your skin type.

  2. Pat your face dry. Leave your skin slightly damp for better absorption.

  3. Apply a pea-sized amount of serum to your fingertips. Warm the product between your fingers to improve spreadability.

  4. Smooth the serum evenly over your entire face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. Use gentle upward and outward motions.

  5. Allow the serum to dry completely. Wait for a minute or two before applying your moisturizer or sunscreen.

Layering Serums with Moisturizer and Sunscreen:

  1. General rule: Apply products from thinnest to thickest consistency. Serums are typically lightweight and absorb quickly, making them ideal for the first step.

  2. Moisturizer: Apply your moisturizer after the serum dries to lock in hydration and create a protective barrier. Choose a moisturizer based on your skin type: lightweight for oily skin, thicker for dry skin.

  3. Sunscreen: Apply sunscreen as the final step every morning, regardless of the weather. Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Allow each layer to dry completely before applying the next.


Remember: Patch testing is crucial before incorporating any new product into your routine. Apply a small amount to your inner arm and wait 24 hours to monitor for any reactions.


LATHER's face serums empower you to achieve your skincare goals with clean, science-backed formulations. Experience the transformative power of these concentrated elixirs and unveil your skin's natural radiance.


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