Healing Through Nature: Unveiling the Magic of Forest Bathing with Jennifer Walsh

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Healing Through Nature: Unveiling the Magic of Forest Bathing with Jennifer Walsh

In a world where the majority of our lives are spent indoors, Jennifer Walsh, a visionary entrepreneur, beauty expert, and wellness advocate, emerges as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the vital importance of reconnecting with the natural world. As an avid advocate for the healing power of nature and founder of Wellness Walks, Jennifer has dedicated herself to promoting a deeper understanding of the profound impact that spending time outdoors can have on our overall health and wellbeing.  

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven world, where stress and anxiety have become all too common, the need for a natural remedy to restore balance and well-being is more crucial than ever. Enter forest bathing, a practice that has gained increasing popularity as a way to reconnect with nature and enhance our physical, mental, and emotional health.  

We spoke with Jennifer to learn more about this ancient wellness practice:  

We are a species that evolved outdoors. It wasn’t until the Industrial Revolution that we had the greatest migration indoors. In the past 20 years those impacts have been even greater, and we became an indoors species spending more than 93% of our time indoors. This has ultimately changed our relationship with the natural world and our overall health and wellbeing. While great philosophers, doctors and scientists for hundreds of years have espoused the need for nature, it truly wasn’t until the 1980’s when science could back why nature mattered.  

Enter Forest Bathing, aka Shinrin-yoku, which is the simple act of walking and spending time in a forest or nature. Forest Bathing is all about activating the senses when we are outside for a walk and walking mindfully, witnessing the world around us. If you don’t have a forest to go to, that is ok as well. The most important thing is to get outside your front door and experience the natural world around you even if it is a small pocket park in your neighborhood. This is a time to step away from tech, take out those earbuds and let your body feel the space you are in. What do you hear, see, smell, touch, and almost taste? Activating our senses is a big part of experiencing the natural world around us. We become calmer and more relaxed; our nervous system becomes more in balance.  

Conifer trees, such as pines and cedar trees, release something called phytoncides. These natural aerosols that they release and bathe themselves in are helping that tree ward off disease and illness. When we spend time amongst those pines, we inhale these aerosols unknowingly. When we do, it activates our natural killer cells. When these NK cells are activated, it helps us ward off disease and illness within us. It is like taking a daily multi vitamin without us even knowing. Don’t forget the simple act of touching the trees, plants, dirt and living things around you while you walk. When we do, we build up our immune system, we become healthier just by touching other living organisms.  

Next time you go out for a walk, consider walking mindfully and take in the beauty of the world around you. Even better, grab a friend, a colleague or loved one and spend more time outdoors every day. Your body and brain will thank you for it later.”  

Just as forest bathing allows us to immerse ourselves in the healing embrace of nature, LATHER's Hinoki and Ginger Renewal oil offers a unique opportunity to bring the essence of the forest into your personal spaces. The Hinoki tree, revered in Japanese culture for its therapeutic properties, has long been associated with forest bathing due to its calming and grounding effects. As the warm and earthy scent of Hinoki blends with the invigorating aroma of ginger, we can immerse ourselves in a sensorial journey, promoting a sense of harmony, balance, and well-being.  

Formulated without silicones, the Hinoki Ginger Renewal Oil offers a “dry” finish, giving the body and hair a soft and supple glow, without a greasy after-feel.  

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