Next-Generation Skincare: Gifts Ideas for Natural Wellness

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Next-Generation Skincare: Gifts Ideas for Natural Wellness

In today's fast-paced world, teaching our teens about the importance of self-care and healthy living is more important than ever. And what better way to introduce them to these concepts than by gifting them natural skincare products that are gentle on their skin?

At LATHER, we believe that everyone deserves to experience the transformative power of nature's finest ingredients. That's why we're committed to creating natural skincare products made with gentle, effective, and sustainable ingredients.

Here are some of our perfect gifts for your teen to try (with supervision, of course!):


instant refresh


Instant Refresh Gift Set: A Spa Day in Your Pocket
Give the gift of relaxation with our Instant Refresh Facial Care Gift Set. This set includes everything they need to create a spa-like experience at home, including our gentle Ultra Mild Face Wash, the invigorating Cucumber & Ginseng Facial Mist, the revitalizing Radiant Recovery Sheet Mask, and a signature white headband.

Mini Spa Gift Set: Your Personal Retreat Awaits
Transform any space into a luxurious spa haven with our Mini Spa Skincare Gift Set. This travel-friendly set includes everything they need to pamper themselves from head to toe, including the Radiant Recovery Sheet Mask, the revitalizing Cucumber & Ginseng Facial Mist, the invigorating Bamboo Lemongrass Scrub, the deeply nourishing Lavender Lime Moisturizer, the soothing Hand Therapy, and the revitalizing Foot Cream.

What Customers Are Saying:
"I loved all the products included in this package. It’s a great set to just stick in your toiletries bag."
-Shelley H.


head to toe scrub set


Head-to-Toe Scrub Gift Set: Softness Reimagined
Achieve the ultimate head-to-toe softness with our Head To Toe 3-Piece Gift Set. This trio of exfoliating wonders features the Avocado Mint Foaming Scalp Scrub, the invigorating Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub, and the revitalizing Eucalyptus Foaming Foot Scrub with Pumice.

What Customers Are Saying:
"I love the LATHER scrubs! I had not tried the Avocado Mint Scalp Scrub yet - this is going to be my gift of the year to all my friends and family. Love all three scrubs."
-Michelle C.


bamboo lemongrass 3-step travel set


Bamboo Lemongrass 3-Step Travel Set: A Sensory Escape
Embark on a rejuvenating journey with our signature Bamboo Lemongrass aroma, captured in our Bamboo Lemongrass 3-Step Travel Gift Set. This travel-friendly delight features the Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub, the revitalizing Body Wash, the deeply nourishing Moisturizer, and a plush bamboo washcloth.

What Customers Are Saying:
"I love the smell of this and use it as my daily shower wash. It foams well and a little bit goes a long way. It's fresh but also moisturizing."
-Lottie F.

Sleep Tight Gift Set: Unwind and Rest
Unwind and embrace tranquility with our Sleep Tight collection, featuring the soothing essence of lavender, cedarwood, and ylang-ylang essential oils. This tranquil trio includes a Lavender Bath Bomb, the calming Quiet Night Pillow Mist, the deeply relaxing Quiet Night Relaxing Balm, and a silky eye mask.

What Customers Are Saying:
"Love it so much! I gifted one to each of my sisters and my sister-in-law as an early Christmas present. They all loved it!"
-Maureen B.


about face skin kit


About Face Kits: Gentle Care for Young Skin
Introduce the younger generation to the world of natural skincare with our About Face Kit. These gentle, nourishing kits provide the perfect foundation for a lifetime of healthy skin habits. Choose from the Combination Skin Set, featuring the Ultra Mild Face Wash, the Citrus Balancing Toner, the Bamboo Silk Foaming Face Scrub, the Ultra Light Face Lotion, and the White Clay Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. This gentle, nourishing kit provides the perfect foundation for healthy skin habits.

What Customers Are Saying:
"This is the first skin care kit I’ve used that actually evened out my skin. No more flaky skin or oily forehead. So impressed by every product I’ve used."
-Moriah K.

Embrace the Gift of Natural Skincare
We believe that skincare is an act of self-love, a way to nurture both the body and the spirit. With our carefully curated selection of natural skincare gifts, you can instill a love for healthy skin habits in the next generation, empowering them to embrace their natural beauty and radiate confidence from within.