Reset & Renew This New Year: At These Refreshing LATHER Hotel Partners

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Reset & Renew This New Year: At These Refreshing LATHER Hotel Partners

As we settle into winter, a yearning for renewal takes hold. We shed the old, seeking fresh starts and sun-kissed adventures.

This year, escape the icy embrace of winter and embrace the radiant West Coast with LATHER's unique hotel partners, The Garland in California and Rise Up Town in Phoenix.

Escape to your California Daydream: Imagine sun-drenched California days followed by cozy nights beside a crackling fireplace. Here, artisanal cocktails and farm-fresh eats are always ready. Welcome to The Garland, a vibrant oasis tucked away on seven lush acres, minutes from the thrills of LA. This chic haven invites you to unwind in thoughtfully designed spaces bathed in warm California light. Dive into the resort's playful spirit at The Front Yard, a vibrant neighborhood gathering place, or savor a sophisticated escape poolside. LATHER's Aromatherapy Collection adds a touch of luxury to your retreat. Each formulation, inspired by our best-selling products, blends natural essential oils for unique aromatherapy benefits. Our signature scents – modern, gender-inclusive, and naturally revitalizing – set the mood for every moment. After a day exploring Hollywood or lounging by the pool, enjoy a relaxing shower with our Bamboo Lemongrass Body Wash, its sweet citrus, and grounding lemongrass whispering lullabies of relaxation. At The Garland, a LATHER Hotel Collection gem, every detail is thoughtfully curated, just like our products nourish your skin and hair. Unwind, explore, indulge – your California dream awaits.

Phoenix Oasis Awaits: Rise Up Town flourishes like a vibrant desert bloom beneath the sun-drenched Arizona sky. Its mid-century spirit pulses with the city's dynamic energy while sleek lines and pops of color whisper tranquility. Their mid-century modern towers aren't just buildings, they're portals to a bygone era, reimagined for the discerning adventurer. This aesthetically pleasing reto getaway offers a cozy vibe at their on-site Cartel Roasting Co. coffee bar, a luxurious pool experience at their Lylo Swim Club, and the perfect after-hours hangout at their Say When Bar. After a day of enjoying the warm Phoenix sun, retreat to a revitalizing shower featuring our LATHER Bamboo Lemongrass Collection. Our invigorating body wash, with its refreshing bamboo extracts and zesty lemongrass, awakens your senses, preparing you for days filled with poolside lounging and rooftop sunsets. Rise Up Town, a LATHER Hotel Collection member ensures every detail caters to your well-being, just like our products nourish your skin and hair.

And if a wintry, snow-capped mountain is what you're craving, we have just the place in mind.

Meet Your Winter Wonderland in the East: As the West Coast basks in golden sunshine, the Teton Mountains whisper a different kind of magic. At their foot, Teton Mountain Lodge rises like a haven of rustic elegance, its towering log beams and crackling fireplaces embracing you in warmth. Here, comfort reigns supreme: custom pillow-top mattresses soothe weary muscles, high-speed internet keeps you connected, and boot dryers whisper promises of tomorrow's powder adventures. As you gaze at the breathtaking panoramas, let LATHER's Bamboo Lemongrass Collection revitalize your spirit. Our invigorating scent, available in the LATHER Hotel Collection and individual products, brings the crisp mountain air into your suite, reminding you of nature's restorative power.

No matter your escape, LATHER's natural ingredients and thoughtful formulations enhance your journey. From Phoenix's fiery spirit to California's laid-back charm and Wyoming's serene beauty, let our products complement your exploration.

Escape the winter blues and reset & renew this New Year with LATHER and our curated hotel partners. Book your West Coast adventure or cozy up in a snowy haven – your wonderland awaits.