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Who we are

LATHER offers unique wellness products made with the best natural ingredients gathered from around the world for experiences that help you glow, inside and out. We take all our cues from nature, ensuring that every product is thoughtfully formulated to deliver daily wellness and joy. Found in LATHER branded retail stores, high-end boutiques and spas and resorts, LATHER not only offers a variety of products for women and men, we seek to educate and give our customers a unique experience.

What we're looking for

We are looking for an experienced Retail Manager to oversee the daily operations of our store location in San Ramon, CA opening in Fall 2019. You will be the one to leading the in-store team to ensure smooth running of operations, education, and customer service to maximize sales and minimize costs The ideal candidate will have experience in this role and knowledge of diverse business subjects such as sales, marketing etc. An effective retail manager will also be able to coach each team member to strive for the best and exceed goals. The goal is to manage our store in ways that ensure a consistent customer experience while achieving sales goals.


  • Recruit, hire train and maintain a team of associates who are focused on engagement, education and ensuring each and every customer receives the very best service.
  • Create daily, monthly and weekly goals.
  • Track and analyze results and achieve key KPIs, including sales, events, inventory, mystery shop scores, VIP growth and more.
  • Establish and maintain key communication rhythm, including monthly team meetings, weekly one-on-one with sales associates and weekly and quarterly business updates.
  • Continue to learn and educate seasoned and new associates to ensure they are equipped with the education they need to serve all LATHER customers. 
  • Inspire and lead your team by embodying our core values of Exploring, Nurturing, Care-taking and Problem solving.
  • Choose a continuous improvement attitude with a commitment to personal growth and self-awareness.
  • Establish relationships with neighbors, like-minded businesses vendors and community members.

Applicant Requirements

  • Leadership disposition - A visionary leader who is naturally warm towards others with an intrinsic drive to exceed goals and celebrate successes.
  • Retail experience - Has a deep understanding of the Retail environment; an expert in smoothly running operations, delivering experiences to customers and have proven sales floor leadership.
  • Getting product on people - You're excited to share our product with people and educate on how our unique formulations deliver daily wellness experiences.
  • People leader - You've led Retail Team Members before and understand how to coach, educate and inspire a team.
  • Community connector - Leverages an entrepreneurial approach to building a brand through relationship building and creating resonant experiences • Track record of success - Has achieved or exceeded success metrics 90% of the time throughout career.
  • Stamina and positive attitude - Thrives in a challenge; is solutions focused; will see bright side of situations, despite adversity and continues to strive for the best team and customer experience.
  • Radiant beauty ambassador- You're passionate about clean beauty, self-care, and wellness

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