Ingredient Glossary

A natural caretaker in the skincare and wellness communities, we believe in educating customers on the products they use on their body - from head to toe. Our Ingredients Glossary is a comprehensive compilation of each ingredient used in our products. We prioritize vegan and gluten-free ingredients and use zero synthetic fragrance. We are proud to take our cues from nature, collecting locally sourced, special ingredients from across the globe.

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(comfrey root) a conditioning humectant that increases the water binding capacity of proteins. Naturally soothes scalp irritations and works as an effective skin softener.
ocean plant that is naturally high in antioxidants, used for its protective properties and as a thickening agent.
Aloe Vera Extract:
(aloe plant) historically known for its remarkable healing and soothing properties. Conditions, moisturizes and softens skin and hair as it calms and refreshes.
Amino Acids:
Help to repair skin damage and maintain healthy tissue, also have water-binding properties to keep skin in balance.
Angelica Extract:
(root) soothes and comforts skin and scalp. Promotes healing.
Apricot Extract:
removes impurities and protects against environmental stress. Has softening and emollient qualities. Naturally high in vitamins A and C.
Apricot Kernel Oil:
an expeller-expressed oil, which is rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA), minerals and vitamins. Non-comedogenic and beneficial to all skins.
Ascorbic acid:
(vitamin C) one of the most protective substances, which are involved in capturing or neutralizing free radicals, formed upon exposure to U.V. radiation.
Aspartic Acid:
an amino acid, contains proteins and water binding-ingredients.
Avocado Oil:
protects against environmental stress. Contains high levels of vitamins B2, D, A, E, K and potassium, which make them an excellent source of nutrients. Also known for its revitalizing and healing properties.
Borage Oil:
(oil from the seed of the Borage plant) one of the highest sources of gamma linoleic acid (GLA). Regenerative and beneficial to all skin types. Used to enhance and fortify cell growth.
(root) healing properties. Increases resistance to infection and is used to treat skin diseases.
Calophyllum Inophyllum:
a rare and expensive plant oil with emollient and anti-irritant properties.
Capric/Caprylic Triglycerides:
(vegetable) emollient, moisturizes and softens skin.
concentrated solution of heated sugar. Used for its color and as a soothing agent.
Carbomer 940/941:
(polymer) used in the formation of gels. Acts as a stabilizer, suspending agent and thickener.
(vegetable based) a surfectant and emulsifier.
Cetearyl Alcohol:
(palm based) an emollient alcohol mixture, which contributes the product’s opaque quality. It is a product stabilizer and thickener.
Cetyl Alcohol:
(vegetable) a vegetable based alcohol that is an emollient and thickener.
Chamomile Extract:
(leaves of English Chamomile plant) historically used for its soothing and calming properties. Accentuates natural highlights and leaves a healthy sheen on the hair. Considered excellent for sensitive skin.
(algae) antioxidant, thickener, water-binding.
Chondus Crispus:
(red algae) emollient properties.
Citric Acid:
(corn based) used as a pH adjuster. Improves the product’s performance in hard water.
Cocamidopropyl Betaine:
(coconut based) a mild cleanser. Controls product thickness and acts as a foam booster, stabilizer and anti-irritant.
Cocodimonium Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein:
(wheat) a derivative of whole wheat. Used for its conditioning and anti-static properties.
Copper Gluconate:
A powerful antioxidant that promotes the synthesis of collagen, an element of skin that gives its structure, and elastin, an element of skin that gives its suppleness and flexibility. These are the elements that break down and cause wrinkled skin.
Cucumber Extract:
high in potassium, silicon, sulphur and other minerals said to rejuvenate cells promoting healthy hair growth. A natural emollient with softening and soothing properties.
(quartz) aids in combing wet hair. It does not build up on hair. Reduces friction and static and detangles hair during shampooing.
Decyl Glucoside:
a gentle cleansing agent.
a natural component in skin, it has antioxidant and water-binding qualities.
Dicetyldimonium Chloride:
(vegetable based) conditioning agent with anti-static properties.
Dimethicone Copolylol and Dimethiconol:
(quartz) water soluble shine agents used to aid in combing wet hair. Reduces friction and static while adding shine to hair.
Dimethicone and Phenyl Trimethicone:
(quartz) shine agents and cuticle sealers for the hair.
Disodium EDTA:
(salt) a chelating agent that improves the product’s performance in hard water. Enhances product stability and helps preserve.
Fennel Extract:
Used for its antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties helpful in cleansing, toning and soothing the skin.
Fucus Extract:
see “algae”.
Ginseng Root Extract:
known for its healing and sustaining properties. A substance that protects against physical and environmental stress. Has tonic and balancing properties.
Glutamic Acid:
an amino acid derived from wheat, used for its water-binding properties.
(vegetable-based) a humectant which attracts moisture and helps to condition, rehydrate and revitalize skin.
Glyceryl Stearate and PEG-100 Stearate:
(corn based) forms water rinsable creams and lotions.
Glycol Stearate:
(corn based) gives product a pearlized appearance.
Grapefruit Extract:
a refreshing, non-irritating fluid, which is very moisturizing for hair and skin without leaving an oily residue.
Green Tea:
(herb) known for it’s powerful antioxidant content and age regulating abilities. Also known to reduce skin inflammation and skin irritation. Lather includes Green Tea in products containing AHA to help reduce mild irritation sometimes associated with alpha hydroxy acids.
Hamamelis Extract:
(witch hazel) used for its natural anti-inflammatory properties.
Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone:
a bioflavanoid found in citrus and evening primrose that has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
The nectar produced in flowers, collected and stored by bees, comprised of many different elements – sugars, wax, lactic and fruit acids, beta carotene, enzymes, amino acids and vitamins. Primarily used as a natural humectant in skin care as it absorbs water from the air, allowing skin to rehydrate itself, providing excellent moisturizing and skin-conditioning properties.
Hyaluronic Acid:
a natural component in healthy skin tissue, works as a good water-binding ingredient.
Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides:
a natural component of the skin, used for its water-binding properties.
Hydrolyzed Soy Proteins:
emollient derived from the soybean, antioxidant properties.
(floral waters, herbal waters or hydrates) a by-product of the steam distillation of essential oils; they contain micro-molecules of the essential oil.
(natural gum from plant fibers) dissolves easily in water, stabilizes other ingredients and forms a moisturizing layer.
(vegetable based) emulsifier.
Ivy Extract:
(plant) astringent properties.
Jojoba Wax:
a liquid wax extract from the Desert Jojoba shrub. It softens, smooths and conditions. Used as a non-abrasive exfoliant.
derived from sugar and whey. A non-irritant active ingredient that aids in the normalization of oily skin. Highly useful in the treatment of skin imperfections and acne-prone skin.
derived from sugar and whey. Helps to regulate sebum production of the skin and supports the skin’s natural immune system. Significantly helps reduce clogged pores (blackheads).
Lavender hydrosol, Organic California:
hydrosols are the result of the plant material being exposed to steam; they release a volatile therapeutic component into the water. The essential oil is drawn off and the hydrosol is left containing micro molecules of essential oil and constituents from the herbal or floral material. Lavender hydrosol is a universal toner and provides balance and hydration for all skin types.
A natural moisturizing factor that mimics the lipid content of the skin and aids the skin’s own immune/healing system.
Linden Blossom Extract:
known to soothe, soften and smooth dry skin. Used as a skin tonic and added to bath preparations to ease sore joints.
Linoleic acid & Linolenic acid:
(plant based) an essential fatty acid that adds texture, body and manageability to the hair.
Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture:
Apple extract that protects longevity of skin cells and contributes to significant visible decrease in wrinkle depth. The cells of Uttwiler Spatlauber (Swiss Apple), in particular, are rich in phytonutrients, proteins and long-living cells as this species of apple is known for its excellent storability.
Meadowsweet Extract:
(filipendula ulmaria) provides a delicate aroma. Acts as an astringent and helps to soothe irritated skin.
       Myristic Acid:
mild cleansing agent that aids in foaming action.
Nettle Extract:
(Urtica dioica) an herb, which contains vitamins A and C and multiple minerals. Used to promote hair growth and relieve skin irritations.
(vitamin B3) Increases ceramide and fatty acid levels in skin, preventing skin from losing water content. It also stimulates microcirculation in the dermis, helping to reduce skin discoloration and even out skin tone.
Oat Beta Glucan:
a super-moisturizer that forms a thin invisible film to help the retention of moisture within the skin. It also provides excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Promotes cell renewal and enhances skin self-protection mechanism.
Oat Extract:
(avena sativa) oat lipid which contains a high level of natural, potent antioxidant compounds. A stable natural emollient to maintain the normal barrier function in healthy skin.
Octyl Palmitate:
thickening agent and emollient
Olive Oil:
an extra virgin oil (cold pressed first extraction) of certified organic olives. High quality, food-grade.
Orange Blossom Hydrosol:
hydrosols are the result of the plant material being exposed to steam; they release a volatile therapeutic component into the water. The essential oil is drawn off and the hydrosol is left containing micro molecules of essential oil and constituents from the herbal or floral material. Orange blossom is an effective hydrator for dry skin.
(pro-vitamin B5) Increases the water content of the hair shaft, helping to prevent split ends and smooth the hair cuticle, encouraging thicker, fuller hair. Also is known to help with tissue repair and allows the skin’s repair systems to function properly, helping to reduce inflammation in irritated or sensitive skin.
Papaya Extract:
(leaves of Papaya tree) used as a softener.
Phenyl Trimethicone:
(quartz) reduces friction and static while it adds shine to the hair.
natural substances which contain fatty acids. They are naturally found in the epidermal layers of skin and are essential part of healthy skin. Used in Lather products for their remarkable deep penetrating cleansing and moisturizing abilities, which are derived from pure coconut oil without the use of chemical solvents.
(vitamin K) Known to help reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.
Plaintain Extract:
(herbs, flowers) used as an antiseptic and astringent. Has a cooling effect and helps to heal as it encourages cell regeneration.
Polysorbate 20/80:
(corn sugar) a very mild and toning agent that is non-irritating. Dissolves perfume oils making them water-soluble.
Potassium Alum:
a colorless mixed salt. Provides a natural anti-bacterial action, contains no alcohol, and does not block pores and is great for skin.
Potassium Sorbate:
a food grade yeast and mold inhibitor.
Potassium Thiocyanate:
(derived from sugar and whey) A non-irritant active ingredient that works to promote normalization of the skin’s sebum production. Excellent for acne of the skin and in reducing clogged pores (blackheads)
A volcanic rock formed during explosive eruptions and consists of gas bubbles frozen amidst fragile volcanic minerals. Ground pumice provides an excellent exfoliating medium to remove dead and rough skin, leaving the skin silky smooth.
Retinyl Palmitate:
(vitamin A) used for its moisturizing and conditioning properties. Soothes dry hair, skin and scalp and normalizes the skin’s barrier properties.
Rose Extract:
known for its antiseptic properties and for its ability to soothe and soften the skin. Especially beneficial for mature skin.
Rose Geranium Hydrosol, Organic California:
hydrosols are the result of the plant material being exposed to steam; they release a volatile therapeutic component into the water. The essential oil is drawn off and the hydrosol is left containing micro molecules of essential oil and constituents from the herbal or floral material. Rose Geranium hydrosol balances oily or dry skin and regenerates the cellular structure.
Rosewater, Organic Bulgarian:
hydrosols are the result of the plant material being exposed to steam; they release a volatile therapeutic component into the water. The essential oil is drawn off and the hydrosol is left containing micro molecules of essential oil and constituents from the herbal or floral material. Rose Geranium hydrosol balances oily or dry skin and regenerates the cellular structure.
Safflower Oil:
(vegetable) natural oil derived from safflower seeds. A source of essential fatty acids.
Sea Algae Extract:
a purified form of Hawaiian sea plants. A genuine natural moisturizer that is extracted without the use of chemicals. It leaves a silky texture and smoother, younger looking skin. It also provides texture and stability to products. Hydrates, softens and provides nutrients to the skin and hair.
Shea Butter Oleate (complete):
“total” extraction of the fatty oil of the Shea nut. Beneficial to the skin and provides a healing and protective barrier.
Shea Butter:
known to increase epidermal thickness due to moisturizing and protective factors. It has a softening effect for the skin and hair and offers sun protection properties. **Lather uses unbleached shea butter that is organically grown in Uganda by a self-sustaining women’s cooperative.
Sodium Alginate:
see “algae”.
Sodium Chloride:
(sea salt) used in small quantities to adjust product thickness.
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate:
(coconut based) one of the mildest, cleansing ingredients. Acts as a water softener. Produces a rich lather that easily rinses from hair.
Soluble sulfur:
(plant source) a necessary component to insure keratinization in hair and scalp.
an organic humectant, skin conditioner, emulsifier and thickener. It provides a smooth, luxurious feel to lotions.
Soy Lecithin:
(soybean emollients) fatty acid components to help stabilize product and work as a surfectant and water-binding agent.
(plant) antibacterial properties.
A blue-green algae containing essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals; acts as an emollient and antioxidant.
(oil of olives) similar to the skin’s own natural oil, this oil helps to form a protective barrier and maintain moisture content while improving respiration of the skin.
Stearic Acid:
a fatty acid used for its protective and water binding properties.
Stearlkonium Chloride:
antistatic ingredient used in hair care products to tame flyaways.
Stearyl Alcohol:
fatty alcohol emollient that protects skin and helps to keep other ingredients stable.
Sucrose Cocoate:
(derived from coconuts) excellent emulsifier for the hair and skin.
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD liposomes)
liposomes are a carrier system that allows phospholipids and vitamins to penetrate the deep lower layers of the skin. They may help to reduce or reverse free radical damage caused by pollution, smoking, stress, poor nutrition and over exposure to the sun.
Sweet Almond Oil:
extremely nourishing, protecting oil extracted from almond seeds.
Tea Tree Extract:
(essential oil from the leaves of the Tea Tree) known for its healing, soothing and fragrant qualities.
Titanium Dioxide:
(mineral) natural sunscreen properties, also used as a thickening agent.
Tocopheryl Acetate:
(vitamin E) used for its healing and anti-oxidant properties. Conditions, moisturizes and protects. Performs as an “internal” moisturizer.
Vegetable Emulsifying Wax:
a vegetable wax used to emulsify (disperse) the oil and water. Adds a protective moisture-binding property to crèmes preventing transepidermal water loss.
Wasabi Extract:
Containing a high concentration of potassium, calcium and vitamin C, this extract has been found to have natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Wheat Germ Oil:
rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins. It is used to treat skin irritations, premature aging and promote healthy skin.
Willowbark Extract:
(oil of Willowbark tree) conditions and soothes the skin and scalp. Makes an excellent hydrating emollient which smoothes out rough, tired skin and helps to reduce the look of fine lines.
Xanthan Gum:
(sea kelp) a naturally derived thickener and product stabilizer.
Yeast Extract:
(plant pseudocollagen) a cellular extract of a moisturizing complex of sugars and proteins with excellent moisture binding properties.
Zinc Oxide:
(mineral) protects the skin from harmful UV rays and has the greatest UV absorption of all commercial pigments. It is a sunscreen, astringent and antiseptic.