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Virtual Vacation: Laguna Beach House

Virtual Vacation: Laguna Beach House

Located in Southern California’s premier coast, Laguna Beach is nestled between seven miles of hidden coves and majestic canyons.

Virtual Vacation Series: <br>Meet Us in Key Largo

Virtual Vacation Series:
Meet Us in Key Largo

Where lazy beach days, romantic watercolor sunsets, and nature-inspired pursuits await.

How to Use a Scalp Scrub

How to Use a Scalp Scrub

Healthier hair starts with your scalp

Glycolic Acid 101

Glycolic Acid 101

It’s no surprise that glycolic acid is the clear AHA star.  

Woman using gua sha on her cheek

How to Use Jade Rollers and Gua Sha Tools

A relaxing, meditative experience.

Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Aloe

A Gentle Hero for Your Hands

Featured as one of Well+Good's top 6 picks, our Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizing Aloe is as gentle and safe on your hands as it is powerful against bacteria. 

Why We Chose Baobab & Shea

Why We Chose Baobab & Shea

The story behind this unique ingredient combination.

Quiet Night Pillow Mist next to crystal geode

10 Tips for a Better Night's Sleep

Tried and true methods.

A Closer Look Behind the Label Claims on Your Skincare Products

A Closer Look Behind the Label Claims on Your Skincare Products

Your skin is a delicate ecosystem. Treating it with products should be done consciously and with intention.

Single hand cupping the LATHER Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar, slightly sudsy as if just used against a beige background.

Avocado Mint Shampoo Bar

Learn more about our coconut-oil derived shampoo bar, a sudsy concentration with big results!

Shot of the legs of a woman sitting in a bathtub, applying Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Body Scrub to her shin

Decoding the Mystery Behind Synthetic Fragrance

We've said no to synthetic fragrance from the very beginning. Here's why we think you should too.

Jade roller tool perched on a block on light birch wood.

5 Benefits of Jade Rollers

Meet the smoothing, soothing, supercharging tool of your skincare dreams.

LATHER customer of 20 years, Vicki, with her cute dog

My LATHER Journey

LATHER customer of 20 years, Vicki, shares her story and why she loves our natural skincare products.

Model applying product to face

The Best Skincare Routine for Acne

2 ounce hand sanitizer surrounded by slices of citrus and aloe

Best Products for Travel

Woman with natural curly hair smiling

Give Thanks To Your Skin All Year Long

Woman applying LATHER serum to face

How to Determine Your Skin Type

Demystifying Toner: 8 Benefits of Using A Toner

Demystifying Toner: 8 Benefits of Using A Toner

Woman facing away from a sunny window, the shadow of leaves on her shoulder

Our Best Fall Skincare Tips for a Glowing Autumn Complexion

Woman applying Bamboo Lemongrass Body Scrub to thigh

Why Exfoliation Matters

Grey Powder product scattered on white background

Extraordinary Ingredients From Around The World

Woman in field of wheat

How LATHER Commits to Sustainability

Mandarin Sage Beard oil and Eucalyptus Face Scrub

Father's Day Gift Guide: The Best Beauty Products for Men

Pregnancy Skincare: What You Need to Know to Enhance That Prenatal Glow

Pregnancy Skincare: What You Need to Know to Enhance That Prenatal Glow

Best natural safe skin care for pregnancy to help keep that radiant glow as your skin changes.

Woman sitting next to window with bare legs and feed, alongside a jar of the Lavender and Eucalyptus Foot Creme

How To Get Your Feet Ready For Sandal Season?

When it comes to the daily wear and tear exerted on our bodies, our feet really bear the brunt of it all.

Model laying on edge of bed running her hands through her styled hair

4 Hair Masks For Knockout Tresses

The pursuit of shiny, healthy hair is practically a national pastime, especially for those of us with dry...

Woman with natural curly hair smiling on a breezy day

6 Natural Skin Care Products For Healthy Summer Skin

Ease into summer with these six summer natural skin care products to restore moisture and glowing skin.

A selection of LATHER body scrubs in front of a neutral colored vase

The Ultimate Guide to Body Scrubs

Model with hair in bun, smiling as she applies product to face

How to Properly Layer Your Skincare

Portrait of LATHER Founder and CEO Emilie Hoyt

Synthetic Fragrance Health Effects and How to Avoid Them? Tips from our Founder, Emilie.

Spring Skin Care Routine

Spring Skin Care Routine

New blooms, new skin! How to prep your skin for the springtime.

Shine Control Face Lotion and Advanced Blemish Control Serum

7 Ways To Ward Off Acne

How to prevent pimples before they happen?

How To Beat The Winter Blues?

How To Beat The Winter Blues?

Got the winter blues? You're not alone. Here's what can help instantly.

Image of LATHER Moisture Magnet

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

Why skincare fanatics can’t stop obsessing over hyaluronic acid?

Model wearing Honey Moisture Mask laying in grass next to jar of Honey Moisture Mask

Why Honey Makes The Absolute Best Face Mask, Cleanser And Moisturizer?

Honey boasts antibacterial, antioxidant and moisturizing properties that make it the ultimate skin savior.

LATHER Chia Seed products

4 Undeniable Reasons To Add Chia Seeds To Your Skincare Routine

Why chia seed oil is our go-to, must-have-everyday ingredient for plump, healthy-looking skin?

Various clippings of plants in test tubes

What You Should Know About Synthetic Fragrance?

We all love pleasant-scented products for skin, hair, and home, but did you know that not all scents are created equal?

Herb plants planted in LATHER product jars

8 Ways To Help Mother Earth

We’ve always been about utilizing the most unique and effective natural ingredients from around the world and sourcing them in a responsible way, here eight ways you can help mother earth today.

Woman holding her forehead, frowning because she has a headache

Prevent Headaches With These 3 Lifestyle Changes

June is National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month and a time to reassess what you can do to prevent headaches naturally.

Various slices of citrus and cucumber with honey

People With Great Skin Swear By These Ingredients

For incredible skin, choose skin care formulas, not products.

Woman holding raw almonds in her cupped hands

The Best Foods For Glowing Skin (Plus Skin-Friendly Recipes!)

What you need to feed your skin from the inside?

Close up image of woman applying product to cheek

Antioxidants In Skin Care: The Anti-Aging Ingredient You Can’t Live Without

Why antioxidants are your skin's best friend?

Women laying bed stretching her arms overhead

The Real Meaning Of Beauty Sleep

Find out why skipping out on sleep causes breakouts, dullness and premature wrinkles.

Woman with short gray hair on a beach post workout, hands on knees smiling as she catches her breath

The Remarkable Way Exercise Can Help Keep Skin Looking Young?

A workout session doesn’t just give you a rosy glow; science shows it can also help delay or even reverse aging.

Women caught in midair jump across sandy beach

10 Tips to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

Whether it’s a cold or feeling jetlagged, getting sick during a vacation is the worst. Here’s what to do to stay energetic and healthy.

Woman in bath with lots of bubbles

7 Tips To Living A Radiant Life

The Skin Benefits Of Going Bare-Faced

The Skin Benefits Of Going Bare-Faced

6 reasons why you want to skip makeup today and go bare-faced.

How Kindness Helps Improve Wellness

How Kindness Helps Improve Wellness

Can kindness really make you healthier? You’d be surprised.